some few information

Atlantic was an Italian firm that came into business about end of '60 and went out of business early '80.
They made both 1/72 "HO" and 1/32 54-60mm plastic polyethylene figures.
Some window box painted versions exist but most figures were sold unpainted in sets.
All the toysoldiers production can be divided in many categories ( both figures in 1/72 and 1/32 scale)
Italian ( the first serie )
Wild American West
tanks (all in 1/72 and only few in 1/32)
airplane (1/100 only)
ships (1/700 only)
space figures:
from japanese cartoons  (only 1/48 scale)

Most of the 1/32 and many of the 1/72 molds are now "lost?".
About 30 original 1/72 molds are now used by NEXUS for some reissued, Another little firm "Waterloo 1815" made some reissued from the same molds, but now only NEXUS have the exclusive use of the mold and of the use of ATLANTIC trade mark on the boxes.